Profile image of me, Dave Chapman, with a text overlay. It was taken on holiday, I'm sitting in a bar holding a cocktail, with a big smile.

Hi! I'm Dave Chapman

I'm a Senior Support Advocate at Buffer.

Let's chat about remote work, the relationship between Product and Support, or vintage campervans!


Feb 28

Mescal, also known as mezcal, is a traditional Mexican spirit that has been gaining popularity worldwide. This agave-based liquor is made through a process that involves harvesting the agave plant, roasting the hearts of the plant, fermenting the juices, and distilling the liquid into a final produc...Read more

Feb 28

Putting together a reading list for my travel. Currently listening to The Rosie Project - it's brilliant!

Feb 28

Heading to Mexico this weekend for the first Buffer retreat since 2019. I could not be more excited to meet up with my team. There are people I work with every day that I've never met before in real life!

Oct 7 2023


Aug 17 2023

I love peanut butter so much, even my van in peanut butter coloured. Check it out on my Instagram account!

photo of Dave Chapman, smiling at the camera, wearing a light blue denim jacket over a grey tshirt. The picture is taken on the 7th floor roof terrace of Dave's apartment building in London, and the London skyline is out of focus in the background