Profile image of me, Dave Chapman, with a text overlay. It was taken on holiday, I'm sitting in a bar holding a cocktail, with a big smile.

Hi! I'm Dave Chapman

This is my Start Page, where I share some of the things I'm learning, reading, or generally working on.

Dave's updates

Mar 14

Five facts about red pandas 1. Red pandas are native to the Himalayas and southern China. 2. Red pandas are about the size of a house cat and weigh between 8-14 pounds. 3. Red pandas are solitary and nocturnal animals. 4. Red pandas have thick fur to protect them against the cold temperatures of th...Read more

Jan 20

Iā€™m heading down to Hastings this weekend

Jan 20

Any weekend plans?

Jan 19

Cheesy beady

Jan 19

I can literally update my Start Page from the Buffer mobile app? Mind. Blown.

Dog wearing a red scarf sitting on a wall next to the river
animated gif of different coloured twinkling stars
Photo of a man holding up his dog for the camera
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